Abraxas, as the antithesis of Eternity and the abstract embodiment of destruction, sought to destroy not only the main Marvel Comics universe, known as Earth-616, but all parallel realities as well using a weapon of universal destructive power called the Ultimate Nullifier. The location of the Ultimate Nullifier was unknown except to the Human Torch, a member of the super hero team the Fantastic Four. With the intention of attracting the attention of the Fantastic Four, Abraxas killed another universe’s Galactus, and sent his skull to Earth-616, also using the skull as a homing beacon. This caused a disturbance in the space-time continuum, allowing people from other universes to come through the gap left by the head, including another Nova (Frankie Raye). When the Fantastic Four sought the counsel of the Watcher, they found that he had forgotten who he was, and then he became comatose. Eternity told Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four that this was caused by Abraxas.

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