When the titanic threat known as Terminus rampaged through Tokyo, Ace and One-Eyed Jacquie, better known as Blackjack, flew undauntedly in its way. The giant that at one time gave pause to the mighty Avengers was fooled into submission when Jacquie threatened it with a bogus Ultimate Nullifier. Never far from his partner’s side, even when she was transformed into a reptilian biped, Ace, also devolved, had to fight the menace of King Simian; who intended to devolve the entire planet. An expertly aimed exploding shell destroyed his machinery, and the evil monkey-man was imprisoned at the zoo. Soon after, aliens landed on Earth and opened a Utopia Centre, inviting all inside. They appeared to be friendly, but Blackjack wasn’t taking any chances and destroyed the institution despite the aliens explanation they only wanted to put an end to disease, war and famine. Blackjack told them real advancement needed to be achieved through hardship and discontent.

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