Originally a partner of the mind-altering assassin Black Swan, Nijo spied on Deadpool as part of the Swan’s plan to exact revenge for Deadpool falsely taking credit for the Swan’s assassination of the Four Winds crime family, which included Nijo’s brother. Nijo was killed by the Swan after refusing to kill Deadpool’s assistant, Sandi Brandenberg. Confronted by Deadpool, the Swan’s powers flared out of control, telepathically linking their minds and mixing traits and abilities before the bomb detonated. Now sharing Deadpool’s healing factor, Nijo was resurrected, but with no memory of his identity or past except for a burning ambition to become the world’s best mercenary. He instinctively sought out Sandi, who took him in due to his resemblance to Deadpool. He named himself Alex Hayden after the composers Alexander Grieg and Josef Haydn, Sandi enlisted the help of her mercenary boyfriend Taskmaster and the gunslinger Outlaw for Hayden’s training, creating within him a combination of Deadpool’s and the Swan’s skills.

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