Batman writer Tom King is taking the Dark Knight on quite a ride, and for once, it has nothing to do with the villains he is facing. Back in the June issue of Batman, readers were left with one incredible cliffhanger: Batman proposing marriage to Catwoman.

Since Batman’s first appearance in 1939, he’s fought crime in Gotham. He’s always had friends and family by his side, whether it be Alfred Pennyworth, one of the Robins, or even his son Damian, but in the main continuity, Batman has never been married. That may change in the upcoming months as issue #24 ended with Batman on a single knee, proposing. However, before readers get the answer they’re waiting for, he tells Catwoman a story about his battle with Riddler and Joker from his past. Batman had to tell her something he’s never told anyone else. This leads to the current storyline “War of Jokes & Riddles.”

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