Young Jimmy Santini accompanied his father on a trip to investigate possible illegal waste-dumping in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, where his father was killed by polluters, either shot in the back or by falling to his death in a deep cavern (the details in Jimmy’s diary were very murky). Jimmy was left alone, lost in the caverns for an unknown amount of time, where to survive he drank chemically polluted water. Eventually, he was rescued, and returned to his mother. However, the chemicals began to take effect, and Jimmy sprouted wings, and his mother proclaimed him a demon. Jimmy ran away, further mutating as he wandered the country, stealing food in order to survive. Eventually, he came to New York and made his home under an old pier. Jimmy began stealing food from people dining on rooftops, scaring people away with his appearance and cries, to avoid hurting anyone. His appearance caused the press to dub him “Batwing.”

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