Duc No Tranh’s peaceful childhood ended when a squadron of US soldiers led by Corporal Michael Janes raided his South Vietnam Village. The squadron includingWillie Lincoln, Josh Cooper, Chin Fong, Samuel Bruin and William Talltrees, killed most of the villagers, including Tranh’s parents. Lincoln was blinded in the assault by a grenade and Janes called helicopter pilotJames Rhodesto lift them out. As the helicopter began to liftoff, Tranh grabbed the vehicle’s landing strut. Even when a wild shot from the jungle struck Tranh in the leg, he clung to the helicopter, until he was kicked by Janes and fell to the Earth. From then on Tranh planned vengeance against his family’s killers. He grew to become an accomplished martial artist, donning a Bengal tiger hide costume and wielding twin sais.

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