Donnie Gill was working as a minor hired thug for Hammer Industries until businessman Justin Hammer gave him a battlesuit reminiscent of the original Blizzard (Gregor Shapanka). Gill mastered the use of the battlesuit, grateful and excited by his new powers, and began his first assignment: to recapture the supervillain known as Force, an agent of Hammer who had deserted him. Gill and his allies, the Beetle (now, MACH-IV) and Blacklash (now, Whiplash) engaged Force and his new ally, Iron Man. During the battle, Force saw Gill as misguided and misled by Hammer as he once was, and he tried to reach out to the young villain. In the end, however, Blizzard accidentally tripped himself up, electrocuting himself and allowing himself to be captured while his allies fled.

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