Viewing himself as a nobody, Bart Dietzel jumped at the opportunity to become a major player when Silas Cragg offered to make him the equivalent of Captain America by administering a serum he developed. In return, Dietzel would have to use his new powers to destroy the man he was modeled after. Cragg tricked Captain America into attending a charity benefit at a home for orphaned children, and that is when Dietzel – now calling himself the Man-Brute – attacked. Despite his lack of skill, Man-Brute was stronger, faster and more durable than his opponent, and Captain America was sure to suffer a major defeat if not for the intervention of one courageous boy that turned out to be Dietzel’s son. Man-Brute fled, and Captain America gave chase, but his attacker was too fast for him. Enraged he was duped into nearly killing a good man in front of his own son, Man-Brute delivered the news that Captain America yet lived. Fearful of his creation’s intentions, Cragg accidentally backed into a high voltage panel and was electrocuted. Man-Brute vowed to never use his powers again.

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