Sally Avril was a girl who went to Midtown High School with Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. She was a great gymnast who became fascinated with Spider-Man when the Daily Bugle offered a thousand dollar reward for Spider-Man’s true identity. She then decided to find out who the wall-crawler really was to earn the reward money.

Sally began prowling the city one night with a pair of binoculars when she came upon a fight between Spider-Man and Batwing. After this encounter Sally began to follow Spider-Man, eventually witnessing him committing a robbery for Electro. Following Spider-Man, Sally helped him take Electro down by giving him a swift kick to the head. To show his gratitude, Spider-Man posed with Sally for a picture. Sally (who by then was smitten by the wall-crawler) gave the picture to the Daily Bugle. Sally then got the idea to take pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, but when she arrived she found out that Peter Parker has already taken that job.

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