In 2016 A.D. on Earth-8410, Advanced Idea Mechanics’ Precognitive Data Collection unit predicted an unknown threat would obliterate the agency in the near future. A.I.M. funded Dr. Evelyn Necker’s Minion Project to create a perfect warrior cyborg to fight this threat. After working the bugs out on a prototype (Death Wreck), she finished her Minion cyborg in 2020 A.D.; to obtain the best experience, he was sent out through time and space to kill 106 of the deadliest individuals in the multiverse and assimilate their instincts; however, as the cyborg absorbed more and more victims, he began to display personality characteristics not programmed into him, worrying Necker. While slaying target 103, Tyler Wilson, Minion encountered a future target, the bounty hunter “Freelance Peacekeeping Agent” Death’s Head, who had been seeking to claim the price on Tyler’s head; angered at being beaten to his prey, Death’s Head pursued Minion. Next Minion eliminated the barbarian Lehdrox K’Vant and freed the precog Phaedra, who called him “Death’s Head” as she departed. Moments after he returned to 2020, Minion was attacked by Death’s Head; however the peacekeeping agent was outmatched and swiftly assimilated. Since Death’s Head was mechanical rather than organic, Minion absorbed his victim’s entire mind, not just the instincts. Ignoring Necker’s orders to wait for system checks, Minion teleported after the final target, Reed Richards of Earth-616. Necker followed, warning Richards in time for him to evade Minion’s initial assault. Minion pursued Richards to Four Freedoms Plaza, where Richards used a neuron scrambler to allow Death’s Head personality to come to the fore. Seeing a programming loophole, the cyborg absorbed the data in Richard’s computer, completing his mission without harming Richards, then departed, free of A.I.M. control. Meanwhile, back in 2020, the previous Death’s Head body was bonded magically to necromancer Baron Strucker the Fifth, ironically creating the very threat A.I.M. had foreseen, Charnel.

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