As a young man, Dennis Dunphy idolized costumed super heroes, especially Captain America and Daredevil. Dunphy was a successful college football player and tried to go professional before realizing that his skills weren’t sufficient after he wasn’t picked up by any of the teams he tried out for. He stayed in good shape and hoped for his big break until a man at the gym told him about the Power Broker (Curtiss Jackson), a mysterious businessman who could grant Dunphy superhuman strength for a price. Dunphy underwent the augmentation process, increasing his bulk and endurance, and the Power Broker said he would need regular stabilization pills to remain healthy; Dunphy did not learn until later that fifty percent of the augmentees became monstrous, mindless brutes, and he was unaware that the “stabilization pills” were addictive drugs designed to ensure the loyalty of the Broker’s clients. Now far too strong to play football against normal men (whom he could easily kill by accident),Dunphy returned to Power Broker for advice on potential careers. They directed him to seek a career with the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF), which pitted super-strong wrestlers against each other for public entertainment. Sporting a Mohawk and calling himself Demolition Dunphy, Dennis was chosen to face the Fantastic Four’s Thing (Ben Grimm) in the first public UCWF match during a period when the Thing had disassociated with the Fantastic Four; however, UCWF founder Ed Garner tried to pay Dunphy to throw the match, fearing audiences would hate to see the celebrated Thing lose. Dennis refused the bribe and helped Thing persuade Garner to keep the new league legitimate, but the Thing won the match anyway.

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