Around 18,500 B.C., an Atlantean cult used the legendary Chthon Scrolls to create the first vampire in order to oppose King Kull, who had slain the mighty wizard Thulsa Doom. Varnae quickly slaughtered or vampirized the remaining Darkholders, including Verdelet, spawning a race of vampires. A number of other races or sects exist, some spawning from the Varnaean line or other, unknown sources; among these are the Adze, Ancients, Charniputra, Huskies, Jumlin, Nosferatu, Purebloods, Tryks, and Yiki Onna. When Atlantis sank 500 years later, Varnae placed himself in suspended animation, reviving occasionally, battling such warriors as Conan, Red Sonja, and Zula circa 10,000 B.C. and controlling the bat-like Afterlings. Around 2000 B.C., Varnae coerced the Sumerian sorceress Aamshed into creating the Ritual of Ascendance which would exponentially amplify the vampire lord’s power; however, Aamshed made the ritual only able to be performed every 2000 years and on the vampire’s native soil. Twice failing to complete the Ritual, Varnae battled Thor and the Catholic Church’s Montesi line – who held the Darkhold spell for vampire destruction – for centuries before tiring and seeking an heir.

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