Born into a wealthy family, Fabian Cortez joined the Upstarts, formed by the enigmatic omnipath Gamesmaster, playing a game where killing mutants earned points. Seeking to win the game, Cortez targeted Magneto. Traveling to Magneto’s orbital base Avalon, Cortez and a group of mutants pledged their allegiance to Magneto, becoming his Acolytes and battling the X-Men. Cortez used his guile to bring himself into Magneto’s trust, then secretly betrayed him and seemingly killed him. Cortez took over the Acolytes and captured geneticist Moira MacTaggert. The X-Men defeated the Acolytes and freed MacTaggert; Cortez was imprisoned, but freed soon after and informed that Magneto was still alive. Seeking to maintain control of the Acolytes, Cortez sought to recruit Magneto’s son, Quicksilver, but was opposed by his teammates in X-Factor. The Acolytes turned on Cortez after learning of his betrayal of their lord.

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