Using gamma experimentation, General John Ryker was responsible for the deaths of several military personnel until achieving success with Private Benjamin Tibbets, transforming Tibbets into Flux. Ryker then lied that a traitorous Hulk (Bruce Banner), allied with terrorist organizations against the United States, was responsible for the mutation Tibbets believed made him a freak. Ryker tasked Tibbets with capturing Hulk disguised as a mission sanctioned by the president. Always looking to please his superiors, Tibbets tracked Hulk into swampland and stood toe-to-toe with him before changing into Flux. Hulk was momentarily surprised but defeated Tibbets, exposing Ryker’s manipulations. Tibbets knew Ryker’s story was false, but he didn’t want to believe his country would be responsible for his mutation and the deaths of his friends.

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