Animus’ origins are not revealed: it may be a mutant or mutated human, the spawn of the cosmic Lord Chaos or Master Hate, or something else altogether. In its first recorded activity as the Hate-Monger, it provided advanced weaponry and costumes to Leonard Kryzewski, convincing him to regather the Sons of the Serpent to spread hatred and violence throughout New York City. The Avengers and New Warriors opposed the Sons, and the Hate-Monger escalated tensions into violence between all groups. In a later conflict, the Hate-Monger faded away when Captain America convinced the heroes to overcome their hatred, but it warned them it would be back when their resolve faded and hatred flourished in their hearts. The Hate-Monger next appeared in the Los Angeles riots. After the riots, it targeted Nomad (Jack Monroe), inflaming conflicts with supporters of the homophobic broadcaster the Roar, the HIV injecting Needle, and Texas Senator Hugh Greider. It eventually confronted Nomad directly, even using his infant ward Bucky (Julia Winter) against him, but Nomad ended the conflict by refusing to fight the Hate-Monger.

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