Julian Keller was leader of the Hellions, the Xavier Institute training squad instructed by co-headmaster Emma Frost. His young age notwithstanding, Keller has already learned to employ his genetic mutation in a variety of inventive ways, including flight and concussive force blasts as well as the creation of telekinetic shields and transport platforms. Always looking for trouble, he was involved (along with Josh Foley) in reviving Magma and nearly incinerating the medical wing, as well as turning away Noriko Ashida Surge II) because she was dirty. He was originally an advisee of Northstar, but his constant punishments caused him to switch advisors to Emma Frost, who sees in him great potential for heroism as well as a frightening disposition for personal gain and villainy, Julian named himself ‘Hellion’ in tribute to the former White Queen’s first class of students (who had been killed by Trevor Fitzroy). Hellion has demonstrated quite a significant interest in Sofia Mantega, the half-Venezuelan co-leader of the rival New Mutants squad. He is particularly hard on David Alleyne, the New Mutants’ other leader, whom he views as possessing a particularly useless mutant power and as a genuine competitor as a leader and strategist. However, for the school dance, he dated all three Stepford Cuckoos.

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