Commissioned by Plan Tzu (a.k.a.Yellow Claw) as part of a complicated plan to establish his unwitting successor, FBI agentJimmy Woo, as a great hero, the robot M-11 was completed in 1954 by an unidentified professor. Concerned at creating a killing machine completely under the control of Plan’s Atlas Foundation, and pressured to hand over M-11 before he could complete the programming modifications he wanted, the scientist took the drastic step of having the robot electrocute him, correctly reasoning that somehow part of his displaced life essence would encode itself in its neural net, giving it free will and emotions. After slaying him, M-11 left the lab and walked into the sea, where it lay inert. Four years later, Plan Tzu kidnapped President Elsenhower, and as he intended, Woo gathered together a team of “G-Men” to rescue him. M-11 had been found by the AtlanteanNamora, while she was searching for her missing cousinNamor; she informed Woo of the machine, and he retrieved it. Its teammateMarvel Boy (Robert Grayson)used Uranian know-how to restore it to working order; M-11 worked with the group out of choice and a growing loyalty to Woo, but pretended to be controlled by a voice-activated radio device Woo carried. 

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