Formerly a U.S. soldier who became a mercenary specializing in covert operations, Simon Maddicks was hired by the Brand Corporation, a subsidiary of the Roxxon Oil Company, who subjected him to bionic treatments and gave him the costumed identity of the Killer Shrike. Roxxon Oil had Shrike infiltrate a rival shadow organization, the Conspiracy, who continued to make large purchases from the Brand Corp. For reasons of their own, the Conspiracy was interested in capturing the monster called Goram, ordering the Shrike to do so and bringing him into conflict with the monster-hunter Bloodstone. Bloodstone defeated his opponent by knocking his power gauntlets together, shorting them out and leaving him comatose in the backlash.

The Shrike survived his coma but with little memory beyond the recent past. The Brand’s Modular Man contacted Shrike, offering him information about his past in an exchange for help in a scheme to enhance the Modular Man’s own superpowers. This led them both to battle [[Spider-Man (Peter Parker)|Spider-Man and the Beast, and the Shrike was downed. Using the Shrike’s own wrist blasters, the Beast fired upon the Modular Man, defeating the villain. Unfortunately, the Modular Man may have been killed before he could make good on his promise to the Killer Shrike.

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