The history of the GaladorianSpaceknightknown as Lightstorm has yet to be revealed. He was among a small envoy of Knights that had journeyed to the planet of Hala at the request of theStarlord(Peter Quill), after the tyrant known asAnnihilushad ravished the Kree territories of space. Lightstorm and his kin were to begin the Restitution Initiative, which was a plan to assure that the massacre that took place would never happen again. The Knights were to download their A-Ware software into the Kree War-Net as a means to enhance the Kree’s military might, considering that they were the only military force of any size left in the quadrant. Although, the software was tainted by the Phalanx, who used the moment of would be celebration to seize control of all of Kree space. Lightstorm,Daystarand the other Spaceknights were made to serve the Phalanx as a Select soldier. Lightstorm lost his life at the hands ofGamora, while on a mission to captureNova

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