Makkari possesses  the  conventional abilities of the Eternals of Earth. His body is augmented by cosmic energy  and  he  has  total  mental  control  over  his  entire  molecular structure. He is virtually immune to injury, can regenerate his entire body  as  need  be,  and  is  immune  to  disease,  aging  and  extreme temperatures.  Only  total  molecular  dispersal  can  kill  an  Eternal. Makkari  has  altered  his  physical  features  over  the  years,  including alterations to his pigmentation, hair and eye color, and musculature.

Makkari is the fastest Eternal known to exist. Prior to his regeneration by the Dreaming Celestial, Makkari could travel beyond the speed of light, but risked placing himself out of sync with normal space/time by reaching his highest speeds. Makkari sacrificed most of his powers (including  molecular  rearrangement,  flight  and  energy  projection) to  achieve  these  higher  speeds.  Since  his  regeneration,  Makkari’s optimum speed is not known, but is likely Mach 3. Makkari normally wears  a  bodysuit  with  helmet  that  can  withstand  the  rigors  of  high velocity movement. Via pure manipulation of gravitons, he can levitate himself and others at up to 850 mph. Additionally, he can teleport, but seldom utilizes this power because of the discomfort it causes him.

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