There is no data on the exploits and adventures of the Shi’ar, Malik Tarcel, before he appeared as a member of the newly form Nova Corps. The original Nova Corp was destroyed when the Annihilation Wave tore through the positive matter universe and destroyed the Xandar Cluster and its inhabitants. The human Richard Rider was the only Corps member to survive the destruction of Xandar. During his escape Rider’s body was fused with the Xandarian Worldmind. The Worldmind acted without the knowledge of Rider and secretly begin recruiting five new Nova Corps Centurions:Irani Rael, Qubit, Morrow, and Fraktur. Tarcel was the fifth and final member of the squadron of Centurions.

Tarcel and his comrades journeyed to Earth during the end of the Skrull Secret Invasion. They quickly joined forces with Rider, in his peace keeping efforts. Tarcel and crew battled the likes of the Serpent Society, Black Mamba and Dragon Man during their brief stay on Earth.

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