Genetically engineered with cockroach DNA, the extradimensional Kree Noh-Varr joined the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, a team of intergalactic peacekeepers who became lost in transdimensional space when they encountered 3 astro-gods siphoning energy to explore Hypospace (the Omniverse). During the encounter, space-time collapsed, and the group was forced to escape through Macrospace. They careened through the Microverse and explored a multitude of realities while trapped there, until the alien-obsessed Midas caught their S.O.S., trapped them on Earth-616, and destroyed their ship. The sole survivor, Noh-Varr escaped Midas and destroyed his building before retreating to the New York subway system, which he made his temporary home. The enraged Noh-Varr, who had lost his lover Merree in the crash, took his aggression out on New York City, battling S.H.I.E.L.D. and their new experimental superteam, the Bannermen, a team of genetically enhanced superhumans pumped with gamma radiation and laced with Adamantium, whom he easily defeated. After destroying the living, planet-conquering corporation Hexus by sending their trade secrets to other companies and making them obsolete, Noh-Varr met Midas’ head assassin and daughter, Exterminatrix.

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